Who we are

The UAE Food Bank is a non-profit charitable organisation, launched January 4th 2017 under the umbrella of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI). It is committed to distributing food to those in need while eliminating food waste by collaborating with local authorities as well as local and international charities to create a comprehensive ecosystem to efficiently store, package and distribute excess fresh food from hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. It is the first Food Bank in the United Arab Emirates.
Dubai Municipality oversees the criteria used by the UAE Food Bank to ensure that health and safety regulations are adopted in all steps of the process, including collecting, storing and distributing the meals. It also oversees the management and operation of the food bank.


  • To reuse most excess food from various entities by collecting, storing and distributing it to those in need.
  • To expand the UAE Food Bank, by strategically opening branches in various parts of the world, and through partnerships with regional and international humanitarian organisations, to become the region’s largest humanitarian body for food distribution.
  • To collect food waste unfit for human consumption, and recycle it in the chemical and fertiliser industries, as well as for energy generation.
  • To reduce the amount of food wasted gradually, and within the framework of a phased plan, so that Dubai can become the first city in the region to achieve zero waste.
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Food is a blessing we must share with those in need. This generosity lies at the heart of Emirati culture.

The UAE Food Bank saves, stores and shares surplus food, aiming to achieve a significant reduction in food wastage while alleviating hunger. The Food Bank will distribute food to the less fortunate members of the community, including labourers, underprivileged families and vulnerable citizens. The initiative aims to both promote social solidarity and instill the value of conserving and sharing food resources.

In close collaboration with all its stakeholders, the UAE Food Bank will follow strict rules and regulations to ensure the highest standard of food quality and maximise the distribution of food to the needy. The ultimate goal of the Food Bank initiative is to achieve a zero food waste environment, alleviate hunger and promote sustainability and environmentally responsible consumption.


The objectives of the UAE Food Bank transcend several levels:


  • To deepen the sense of compassion and responsibility toward the underprivileged by promoting a culture of food sharing.
  • To entrench the culture of giving in the UAE through active participation by people from various social segments in the activities of the UAE Food Bank.
  • To initiate partnerships with the private sector through the Corporate Social Responsibility branches of hospitality and food sector entities. The partnerships will aim to maximise the efficiency of food collection, storage and distribution.
  • To influence social perception and behaviour toward food waste and over-consumption.
  • To promote volunteerism by encouraging various segments of the community to engage in UAE Food Bank campaigns and initiatives.


  • To save on the cost of discarding food, which in Dubai amounts to AED 282 million annually.
  • To eliminate the expense of wasted food, which amounts to approximately AED 13 billion annually in the UAE.
  • To contribute to sustainably development by recycling inedible food and repurposing it in commercial and industrial industries, including energy-generation.


  • To reduce carbon emissions by repurposing food instead of discarding it in traditional methods that contribute to pollution and climate change.
  • To preserve soil and water currently wasted through attrition, and to preserve the UAE’s natural resources for future generations
  • To reduce the chemical pollution produced by chemical fertilizers by promoting organic fertilizer created by surplus food.